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Download Download Cobian Amigo Client (Setup)

Download Download Cobian Amigo Server (Setup)

You can also download the programs without the installer. Be aware, though: installing the server manually is not a trivial task. You need to know how to install and configure a Windows service, so I warmly recommend you to use the installer. It will install and configure everything for you.

Download Download Cobian Amigo Client (Zip)

Download Download Cobian Amigo Server (Zip)

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Cobian Amigo is a client server application which can be used to store and manipulate your favorite sites, quick notes, contacts and to-do lists online. While the same service is provided by some companies, not everybody likes to store this sensitive data on a 3rd party server.

Cobian Amigo lets you install the server and/or the client in any computer running Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Then you can access your data from any computer in the world via TCP/IP. Any transaction between the client and the server (in both directions) is encrypted using a 128 bits key. The program supports unicode and is available in several languages.

The program is multi-user. You can create several users on the server side and those users can then store their settings and files separately from each other. You can allow access to the server from any site or you can limit the access from a site or subnet. You can also ban ip addresses. Cobian Amigo (server and client) is freeware.



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Cobian Amigo Client showing the favorite page 

Cobian Amigo Client showing some notes

Cobian Amigo Client showing a To-do list