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CobView is a shell context menu extension used to quickly access the properties of the selected files. This is a replacement for the old QuickView utility, but much more powerful due to its plug-in architecture.

You can access CobView when you right click any file or folder on your computer. The program analyzes the file extension and starts the right plug-in to view the file.

Some standard plug-ins show, for example, text files with syntax highlighting (Pascal, c++, java, html, etc), the exported and imported functions of a dll or exe file, the ID3 tags of a mp3 file, and many more...





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Other plug-ins

No other plug-ins are available at this moment

Create plugins

Click to see how to create a CobView plugin.



 * In which Operating Systems does CobView work?
- Win95 or better. In windows NT, 2000, Xp, 2003 or other NT based systems, you must have administrators permissions to install the program.

 * I want the files .yyy to be associated with the plugin zzz.dll
- Use the CobConfig.exe utility to change your default association

* How do I restore the default associations?
- Use the CobConfig.exe utility. Delete all the associations. Register all the standard plug-ins then.

* I have some problems with a plug-in. What can I do?
- Check the about box for the plug-in. If the plug-in is written by me, feel free to contact me by mail. If the plug-in is written by someone else, please, contact the author. I am NOT responsible for 3rd parts plug-ins.