Breaking news! Cobian Backup is FOR SALE!

Yes! You read it right!

Update: Cobian Backup is already sold. The new ownwer is James Sweeney. I'll update this site soon with more information. 

I, Luis Cobian the developer of Cobian Backup, am now selling the result of more than 13 years of work by giving you the opportunity to be the only owner of the source code of Cobian Backup. Cobian Backup is now in it's 11th version, and is one of the most used freeware backup programs in the world, with hundred of thousands copies running in many computers worldwide.

CodeThe binaries have been freeware and can be downloaded from: . The support forum of the program is visited daily by more than 1500 users and hosts more than 40000 threads ( Writing "Cobian Backup" on Google gives you more than 482000 relevant results.

So, why am I selling? Why I don't make the code Open Source? There is a very old version (7.0)  on Source Forge so I have already contributed to the community. The program (in all it's versions) has always been freeware both for personal AND commercial use. After 13 year of work I think I should have the right to get some material happiness in exchange for my work as well.  I am tired of mantaining this project as well and want to move on...

What do you get? As the buyer you will get:

* The FULL Source Code of the program (written almost fully in Delphi 2010) and a little part in C# (the Volume Shadow Copy requester). I use only one external component (not mine) that is 3rd party and can be purchased or easily replaced (the zip component). The source code is reasonably commented, but I can happily help you with your first build if needed.

Please, serious offers only. I can be contacted at