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Cobian Reflector keeps the history of all your tasks backups on a database. You can see them on the History tab on the user interface.

You can always restore your files manually by copying/unzipping the backup files into the chosen destination. If the files are compressed/encrypted, use the Decompressor tool  that is provided with the program to uncompress/decrypt the files first.

If your backup is set to Create separated backups, every new backup will create a new file or directory with the same name, but with the date and time of the backup as a complement.

For example: If the original file is My Documents.exe, and the backup is set to "Create new backups with timestamps", every new backup will create:

My documents 2003-04-13 12;22.exe
My documents 2003-04-14 12;22.exe
My documents 2003-04-15 12;22.exe , etc

You can also add the type of the backup to the resulting names. That way you will get:

My documents 2003-04-13 12;22 Full.exe
My documents 2003-04-13 12;22 Incremental.exe , etc

Now it's easy to maintain a limited number of copies of every backup and delete the old ones. On the task options you can set that you want to, for example, keep only 2 copies of the backup. The older backups will be then deleted. You can always PARK a backup to prevent it from being deleted. This is specially important for incremental backups when the first backup will usually be full and the next backup only partial.

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